Our Staff

 Curt Sharbaugh – Pastor

I grew up in the Midwest near Indianapolis. With two older sisters, I was the oldest boy in a family of six kids. By God’s grace I was called to repentance and faith in Christ at an early age. My dad and mom were faithful in teaching me the gospel. They taught me that God was my holy creator, that he ruled over this world, and that I was a sinner. They taught me that even though God is righteous and must punish sin, he is also gracious and loving. He had sent his Son, Jesus, to earth to save sinners like me, who repent of their sin and place their complete trust in Jesus to save them. Through the Spirit’s work in my heart, I responded to the gospel and began to follow Jesus Christ.

The Lord also gave me the desire to serve him by teaching the Bible. I’ve prepared for that by serving in the various local churches he’s placed me in and by studying the Bible at the Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College Graduate School, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It’s a privilege to serve the Lord now as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in New Carlisle. 

My wife, Laura, and I have been married since 2003, and we have three children, Micah, Mackenna, and Jocelyn. Laura and I are both from Brownsburg, Indiana, and though our children are Floridians, born in Clearwater, they were raised to cheer as a family for the Hoosiers, Colts, and Pacers. However, we are working on converting to the Cincinnati Reds for baseball and Columbus Crew for soccer. 

My goal is to preach the Word and shepherd the flock at FBCNC so that together we can learn to live out God’s Word by loving and worshiping him, loving and serving his people, and loving and evangelizing the lost.

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 Jeff Christmas – Associate Pastor

The words of Joshua as he neared the end of his life admonished the Israelites to put away the pagan religious practices of the day and fully devote themselves to serving the only true Lord, the God of the forefathers. They were to stand apart from the world and continue to grow in their relationship with Him, recognizing His great desire to be their God. Although it seems counter to the culture of out times, out mission here at FBCNC is the same. We lift up the God of our forefathers Who gave His only Son, Jesus, to be the supreme sacrifice that can bring us back into right relationship with Him. Beginning with a simple home prayer meeting in 1955, First Baptist Church has stood apart from the world to reach out to the families of the New Carlisle area. My parents, Melvin and Geneva Christmas were charter members all those years ago and I found myself growing up here in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Having only served in membership at two other churches in my lifetime, I have enjoyed being a member and regular attendee for over 38 years right here at FBCNC. And now, my wife and children call this place their home.

Since 1998 I have served here full time as Associate Pastor among some of the greatest people on earth. My prayer for us as a church is that we continue to stand apart from our culture while remaining fully engaged in it. We have always made youth and children a priority here and under the Lord's direction we will press on. Along with my wife Danese and my children, I invite you to make the most of your relationships here with your church family. Together may this "house" choose to serve the Lord.

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